Kohei Fujii Guitars

Kohei Fujii Guitars

Sunday, November 19, 2017

New Jazz Nylon Built Start

I start a new built using the Lutz spruce top. This is a Jazz Nylon model. I completed the Rosetta making. This time, I used Padauk, King wood, Tamarind, and Ebony. This is the first time to use the Padauk. I wanted to introduce nice red for my guitar. I am very excited to adding more color in my guitar design.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Offset sound hole lid making

I made off-set sound hole lids. Those lids are designed for stage performances with other instruments such as bass, drams, and vocals. In stage performance, feedback related oscillation issues are quite common. This lid is able to minimize the issue, because the acoustic chamber (guitar body) reacts much less responsible with no sound hole. With this optional lid, the Jazz Nylon model improved significantly for set-up difficulty for stage performances.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Juzz Nylon Complete

Jazz Nylon model is completed. I played using D'Addario Pro Arte Ej46 strings. This guitar showed excellent and very loud sound since beginning. I was so surprised with full of over tones. In this built, I employed the Carbon Epoxy composite technique using the balsa lattice design. Carbon Epoxy composite configuration made a real differentiation. I am vary happy with this result. This configuration makes very dry and metallic sound with full of over tones. So the sound character is different from traditional nylon string guitars. I will show this guitar in the La Guitarra California festival in between September 22 and 23. Please come and check it out.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Final Corting

Jazz nylon model was completed pore filling and final coring works. Filling work has been done by Epoxy and Silica thickener combination. Honduran RW has large pours, and it required three filling and sanding sessions. After complete the sanding sessions, I applied Alcohol thinned Epoxy except top for making even color. Then, I stained the top as Yellow. After completed the staining, I applied four layers of EM6000 finish. Next morning, I had a 1200-grit sanding session. Then, I applied additional three layers of EM6000. Jazz Nylon will sit at least next 10-days for curing the finish.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jazz nylon before final sanding

Wood working jobs for the Jazz Nylon  are almost done. This guitar needs a little bit more detailed shapings for the neck. Neck joint and finger board installation quality look pretty good. There is no discontinuity between neck and the body at the cut-a-way portion. I installed Ebony heal cap that is perfectly matched with the binding trims. I also installed black-white border between the heal cap and the neck heal. This Black-white border make crispy color contrast. Next week, I will complete final sanding, and then I will start Epoxy filling process. I will have three Epoxy filling sessions for the Honduran RW back and sides.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Scrolled cur-a-way

     I was able to realize a scrolled cut-a-way design. Scrolled cur-a-way design is Taku Sakashita's signature design. Taku was my mentor of guitar design and making. I wanted to re-issue Taku's scrolled cut-a-way design. However, this design requires very complicated and time consuming guitar making processes. I needed to make a black died 1/4" mortise. Also, the binding inlay installation needs a special design to realize seamlessly connect the White border. I really carefully re-created this special design.
     I also completed the neck fitting to the body. Next week, I will complete the neck and the fingerboard install. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jazz Nylon body complete

I back to the Jazz Nylon built. This week, I completed the body built. This guitar has been making for the La Gutarra 2017. On this guitar, I added a beveled armrest first time for the Nylon model. I also will add a scrolled edge for the cut-a-way top. Scrolled edge is the Taku Sakashita's signature design. I have been thinking to revive his signature design on my guitar. Finally, I added his design for the Jazz Nylon model.